What Remote Access Solutions Do Managed IT Services Provide?

Managed IT services are a great way to outsource the management of your IT infrastructure. These services provide support for cloud computing, software applications, web hosting, email, mobile applications, and more. It can be difficult to decide which remote access solution is best for your IT environment. OpenText Exceed TurBox is a secure remote access software that consolidates all applications on high-performance, high-availability servers that your IT staff can centrally manage.

Secure remote access technologies offer fast access to these centralized systems, with optimized management capabilities so that the IT department can create the right environment for users to remain productive from any location or device. Data Magic specializes in providing managed and co-managed IT support services to medium and large companies. Schroders recently announced that all of its employees can work from home on a permanent basis. We understand the risks and threats associated with remote access and ensure that your IT infrastructure is up-to-date and secure with remotely managed and monitored networks, servers, and workstations.

The increasing number of customers and employees working from home is driving the need for reliable remote IT support services. If you need extra help, Data Magic's co-managed IT services can partner with your current team to implement these useful tools and create a successful IT strategy in your organization. With customer-centric managed IT packages, you can choose the right level of service and support for your business.

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