Collaboration Tools Offered by Managed IT Service Providers

Managed IT service providers (MSPs) offer a range of collaboration tools to help businesses streamline their operations. These tools include information technology service management (ITSM), remote monitoring and management (RMM), help desk, professional service automation (PSA), incident response, cloud migration, backup protection against ransomware, and backup and recovery. For small teams, many providers offer a free plan with a list of shared tasks and support for up to five users. These PowerUPS enable businesses to manage and automate key processes that would otherwise require multiple programs.

Today, one of the most comprehensive work management solutions on the market is Zoho Projects. It offers comprehensive features for scheduling, invoicing, CRM, financial reporting, and collaboration. Additionally, Zoho provides a variety of applications that can be connected to Projects, such as CRM, support service, accounting, and inventory management. The most popular types of collaboration tools for businesses include project management applications, remote conferencing platforms, digital asset management (DAM) systems, web-based tracking tools, and messaging applications.

As software as a service (SaaS) becomes more widely adopted, communication and IT departments will benefit the most from these solutions. Business collaboration software can be a single platform that serves an entire company or department or a combination of solutions that form a virtual and collaborative work environment. For larger companies, this type of software provides communication tools such as document sharing, video conferencing, email, and project management tools. When selecting a provider for your business collaboration needs, make sure you have control over where the data is stored, how it is configured, when it is updated, and the personalized branding.

A complete business management suite with unique project and resource management features is Asana. It is known for its “to-do list” interface but also offers views of schedules, dashboards, calendars, forms and progress charts.

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