What Managed IT Services Offer for Backup and Recovery Solutions

Data protection is not a one-time task. Regular maintenance and testing are necessary to ensure that backups are ready and accessible when needed. With a managed backup or backup as a service (BaaS) agreement, Mindsight's dedicated engineers take on this responsibility, allowing businesses to focus on more strategic projects. Backups by IT offers a comprehensive solution that combines the entire backup and disaster recovery process into one service.

This includes storage, design, testing, monitoring, restore assistance, failover, reporting, and more. When the time comes to recover data, any file, application, or database can be extracted quickly. The solution can provide simple backups or high-availability remote replication for failover in the event of a disaster. Full snapshots of servers are used to reduce the time spent on reinstalling software and configuring systems.

In the event of an emergency, a failover to the backup solution can be performed so that work can continue uninterrupted. Data can be backed up and recovered securely no matter where it is located. Consolidating different hardware and software components on a single management plane is also possible. Businesses can minimize risk with Mindsight's managed IT services.

A cloud disaster recovery plan from Mindsight uses infrastructure, software and managed services to quickly restore business functions after a disastrous event. Mindsight's managed cybersecurity services and virtual CISO services provide an affordable, measurable and always-available experience.

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