The Future of Managed Services: What You Need to Know

The demand for managed services is on the rise as organizations face increasing data security and government compliance requirements. With the complexity of regulations increasing, many large companies have come to realize that an in-house digital transformation team is not enough. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, often lack the resources to keep up with the ever-evolving digital sector. As a result, outsourcing has become the fastest-growing sector of managed service providers (MSPs) of the future.According to a report, 78 percent of companies around the world trust their partner outsourcing companies.

In the US alone, more than 300,000 jobs are outsourced every year. This trend of outsourcing as a managed service provider (MSP) remains prominent in the business world and is helping MSPs gain significant market space. With IoT being a hot topic in the industry, MSPs will play a major role in helping companies incorporate these innovative technologies to stay competitive in the future.A top-tier managed services provider can also help identify knowledge gaps and optimize strategies for relevant business operations that work in the cloud. Hyperconverged infrastructure is one such technology that can help companies scale more rapidly towards digital transformation.

It combines computing, networking and storage into a single system, but implementing this infrastructure is complex and requires expertise.This is where managed service providers (MSPs) come in. They can help install a hyperconverged infrastructure and create a unique system that makes business operations more efficient. Cloud computing has extended its reach to every corner of the IT sector and is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses. However, most companies are unable to move their operations to cloud platforms due to a lack of qualified personnel.Managed service providers can help companies use this technology efficiently at a competitive price.

The hybrid MSP model is also gaining traction as it offers diversification from a revenue and resilience standpoint. Even MSPs that are dedicated exclusively to it meet the common requirements for types of work with non-recurring income.Customer experience is another area that is gaining more attention. If MSPs are learning one aspect of the cloud era, it's that today's customers are buying technology directly through online SaaS solutions. Offering a superior experience can be one way for MSPs to add value, especially for those operating with clients with long-term contracts.Statistics show that managed services companies that choose a verticalization strategy end up having enormous success.

A study by IDC and Microsoft highlights the value of going vertical and states that 82 percent of partners believe that a vertical approach is important or very important for their growth.Managed services are available to small businesses looking for outsourcing options for their IT needs. They proactively monitor a company's network, minimize IT problems and solve any problems that arise on the network. Ziffity is an example of an AWS managed service provider (MSP) company in India.CloudBlue PSA can help MSPs run more efficiently and increase team productivity while monitoring contract profitability and generating more revenues. Gartner has even changed the name of its Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant to Enabled Cloud Managed Hosting to adapt it to this new scenario.The hybrid environment supported by managed cloud services is undoubtedly the future of cloud computing.

Managed services increase efficiency when using cloud resources as your partner works with you to understand your organization's objectives and recommend the right IT infrastructure to support an optimized cloud environment.Managed service providers also need to verticalize all marketing and sales material to adapt it to the desired area. The right MSP can help customize and deliver turnkey solutions that take advantage of the true transformative value of cloud computing.

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