What are the Benefits of Managed Services in Project Management?

Managed services are a practice of outsourcing the responsibility of maintaining and anticipating the need for a series of processes and functions, with the aim of improving operations and reducing costs. This is done by reducing the number of staff employed directly. Managed services involve outsourcing your IT operations, such as monitoring and managing daily IT tasks, from internal servers and hardware to cloud storage and more. When deciding whether to use managed services, it is important to consider the intentionality of business support. It can be difficult to determine whether a problem should be handled as a managed service or a project.

In this article, I will share my experience on how managed services help maintain complex server networks on different continents with many applications, while monitoring them to reduce overhead costs and increase efficiency. Most companies don't have the resources or experience to carry out these projects, so managed service providers (MSPs) are playing an increasingly important role in offering their outsourcing services. As a customer, it is essential to choose the right supplier to meet your technological needs. Once you have chosen a supplier with due diligence, it is important that they are open enough to be considered a partner and thus guarantee the common good of the project. By working with a PMO managed service provider, organizations can improve the way they evaluate, mobilize, implement and manage a project, program, or portfolio management office. Companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a “pay-per-use” service that charges customers only for the amount of support or server space they need.

This offers great cost advantages compared to self-sufficient and maintained models. Suppliers need customers to support their profitability and need cooperation to provide their service as agreed, while customers need suppliers to ensure that the right resources and services are dedicated to the project in order for it to be successful. The purpose of this article is to analyze both the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, the relationships that suppliers maintain in projects, the risks involved, and to present business arguments in favor of hiring a managed service provider to assist with projects. These projects can vary in size and complexity. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure to a managed service provider is a big decision. Another way to assess whether a particular company is included in the field of managed services or is considered an independent project is to analyze the time and effort needed to execute it.

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