What is IT Consulting and Managed Services?

IT consulting and managed services are two distinct types of services that help organizations achieve their technology goals. IT consulting involves offering advice on how to use technology to meet objectives, while managed services involve the actual work of running IT applications. Managed service providers (MSPs) are companies that act as an extension of an organization's IT department, managing IT infrastructure and end user systems. They can also provide Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) services and IT assessments to help plan for the future.

On the other hand, IT consulting is more focused on providing advice on how to use technology to achieve objectives. Companies hire IT consultants who specialize in a particular, limited field of IT. They can help with large IT projects such as upgrading servers, strengthening network security, or moving data to the cloud. Small and medium-sized businesses, including startups, often turn to managed service providers (MSPs) to outsource their IT programs.

MSPs provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring of IT infrastructure more effectively than IT consultants. Both managed services and IT consulting services offer cost savings, access to knowledge and experience, time to focus on core business issues, and more.When deciding between managed services and IT consulting, it is important to consider what your company is trying to achieve. Managed services are better suited for daily operations, while IT consulting is better for large projects that require expertise. The right vendor can provide both services to create a lasting technology partner that helps any company reduce costs, improve operations, and do business better.

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